wtorek, 13 lutego 2018

Angular 5 and underscore library

Are you missing the underscore library in your most recent Angular 5 project?

It is easier than you may think - the only you need to do is just add two dependencies to your package.json file.

Step 1. Install dependencies

You can do this with npm command.

npm install --save @types/underscore
and next
npm install --save underscore

Step 2. Use it

In order to use underscore library in your component or service class you have to import library in the following way:
import * as _ from "underscore";
That is basically all - now you can take all the goodies from underscore. For example, to fetch all unique key values from an array of key-value struct we can do this way:
public uniqueKeys(input: {[key: string]: string}[]): string[] {

   let keys = _
     .map(a => _.keys(a))

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