piątek, 19 listopada 2010

Eclipse Marketplace and Subclipse (no SVNkit bundled)

Today's morning I had a need to configure brand-new PDT environment (Helios SR1). As I am using SVN for versioning the Subclipse plugin is what I usually use. Couple times before I successfully employed Eclipse Marketplace to do the job. Same was this time, but to my surprise this time I was not able to switch SVN interface to SVNKit. The only available was JavaHL implementation. I hope this will be fixed in future, but for now one need to do additional steps to install SVNKit - traditional way of installing plugins.
Help -> Install New Software -> select Subclipse repository and 
check all the available options

The version I worked with were: PDT (Helios SR1) and Subclipse 1.6.15

niedziela, 7 listopada 2010

ActionScript 3.0 - How to limit frames per second of flash animation

The simples way seems to be use SWF meta tag.

package myPackage {

import required.imports.*;


public class MyClass {