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How Spring look for bean definitions?

Scanning for beans

ConfigurationClassBeanDefinitionReader -> loadBeanDefinitionsForConfigurationClass

Constructor Resolver

autowireConstructor(beanName) Method responsible for finding out default parameters. AutoConfigurationPackages @AutoCondifurationPackage annotation user for registering


Four definition reader used. * AnnotationBeanDefintionReader * XmlBeanDefinitionReader * GroovyBeanDefinitionReader * ClassPathBeanDefinitionScanner

Scanning for bean definitions

Where: ClassPathScanningCandidateComponentProvider.java:265 public Set findCandidateComponents(String basePackage) 1. Constructs "search path" (e.g. "classpath*:org.example.services/*.class") 2. Takes all resources matching "search path" 3. If resource is readable it gathers it instantiate MetadataReader which basically is a facade for accessing class metadata such as annotations. 4. Next there is check against Exclude and Include filters. Exclude takes precedence. If class not match against includeFilter it is rejected.

Registering default filters

During creating SpringApplication "Include" filter always contains "Component" annotation type filter. Additionally both "javax.annotation.ManagedBean" (JSR-250) and "javax.inject.Named" (JST-330) are added if appropriate classes found on classpath.

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