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[PDE] How to find out all plugins that given extension point is used

There are two ways to do so from PDE UI level. First is by opening "Open Plug-in Artifact" view (Ctrl + Shift + A) - technically org.eclipse.pde.internal.ui.search.dialogs.FilteredPluginArtifactsSelectionDialog class.

Once you type "expressions.propertyTesters" in filter box and deselect all but "Show Extension" item hidden under black triangle on the right, the matching items will contain all plugins are using "org.eclipse.core.expressions.propertyTesters" extension point.

The another way is using default Search Dialog (Ctrl + H). The last tab is "Plug-in Search".

  • Search For: Extension Point
  • Limit To: References
This time you need type fully qualified id or use wild card (*expressions.propertyTesters)

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