piątek, 14 stycznia 2011

Eclipse PDT most useful shortcuts

Today I would like to share and keep for the future couple of tricks I found out today after years of working with Eclipse (shame - I know ;).

Incremental search (Ctrl+J)

First of all if you miss "/" command of your favourite vi editor the Ctrl+J is what you need. Once you type pharse you looking for (look at status bar - red color surprisingly means "sorry no match"). But if you are lucky "Up/Down" key buttons allow you navigate back and forth among all found matches (b/n for vi masters ;>).

Open Type (Ctrl+Shift+T)

Immortal Ctrl+Shift+T works as well allows you open any Type available in workspace.

Quick Outline (Ctrl+O)

Ctrl+O invoke nice yellow frame with outline view. Local search ability and "Up/Down" keys allow you handy navigation.

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